– Ari G. – Lodi, CA

Such a fun and clean place to workout. The instructors are all amazing. Rachel has amazing energy, great music, and says really inspiring things. She teaches both climb and cycle. Abbey’s cycle class is definitely the most difficult though- always really heavy and double weight set, calling for a great sweat! Overall, this place is so worth getting up at 5am to drive 25 miles for.


The only thing I will admit I wasn’t crazy about was the use of a microphone during yoga. But even that isn’t a huge deal!

– Ashley C. – Sacramento, CA

I was a little apprehensive about trying out a spin class because I heard that it was very difficult. It was my first time trying it out today and I’m so glad that I did. The instructor, Jenn, was very thorough in explaining the steps for a beginner and was very enthusiastic as well. She made the class very fun and kept me pumped throughout the class. I will most definitely be back and recommend others to take Jenn’s class as their first class.

– Amy F. – Sacramento, CA

Wonderful yoga studio! The teachers are all amazing and I love taking classes here. They have a himalayan salt wall, infrared heat, and a waterfall wall that is really relaxing. It opened this year and everything is really clean and beautiful. I also like that they hold yoga classes for different charities on a regular basis. They also have a free beginners workshop on a monthly basis!!! They also have climb and cycle classes but I have not tried those yet.

– Mariah H. – Santa Rosa, CA

I was visiting a friend for her birthday and we decided to take a spin class. There was plenty of parking which is always a plus. The ladies were super friendly when we walked in. The sign-up process was easy and the staff was really accommodating. The spin class itself was a great workout, the instructor (Chelsea) was full of energy, and I left the studio feeling wonderful about my workout.

– Sarah W. – Sacramento, CA

I have to admit I am sort of a spin snob. I’ve been a regular with Teamride in Sac for the past year, and before that was Soulcycle in Washington DC. I decided to check this place out because one of my favorite instructors, Chelsea R, moved on to this studio. I’ve always loved her spin classes at Teamride and I wanted to continue my Sunday rides with her. The bikes are really high tech here and they offer a smooth experience. I’m already going to say great things about the instructors, because some of them are the reason why I walked into this studio in the first place. I hear great things about the edge climb sessions, and I’m curious to try out the hot yoga classes. The yoga room also has a really cool salt wall… Their prices are reasonable, and they offer a full body workout in a boutique style setting. If you’re not a fan of big gyms like myself and you want that personal experience, check this place out!

– Tia K. – Sacramento, CA

Signed up for the 30 for $30 yoga package and have had great experience so far. The front desk staff is friendly & efficient, the facility is well thought out & clean and the 3 yoga teachers I’ve met–Sammie, Amy Z. & Kasey–were warm and welcoming. I took Amy Z’s beginning class tonight & appreciated her “you do you” approach to taking modifications & breaks. I’m injured so the “basics” and yin classes are perfect for me as I find “power” classes are a little too fast paced & aggressive on my shoulder. My only critique would be that the schedule didn’t accurately describe Friday’s “happy hour” class as a power class. I really liked my teacher so I stuck it out but I was a bit turned around & my shoulder hurt for days. Overall, though, I’ve had a great experience at Edge Studios & am very appreciative.

– Sierra D. – Carmichael, CA

I love this studio! The classes are super fun and upbeat. The staff are very helpful, they gave me a complimentary class because of a confusion on the website and let me in after I was running late!

– Julie L. – Sacramento, CA

Nice studio. I took the Basic Yoga class. I haven’t practiced for five years; it was challenging but doable. The people and staff are very nice and I felt comfortable going at my own pace and using modifications when needed. Good energy.

– Lillian H. – Sacramento, CA

Edge Studios offers spin, climb, and yoga classes. I come here regularly for the spin classes and started getting into climb. I haven’t done yoga yet since I belong to another yoga studio but I do want to give it a try one of these days. First class is complimentary. Register a few days in advance if there is a preference for seating. The front for spin gets filled up quick.


Spin Classes
Classes are 45 min. While spinning is mostly cardio and a leg work out, hand weight work outs are incorporated towards the end of class that concentrate on core and arm toning. I always leave feeling like I had a good work out. Even without resistance, the bikes still have some resistance to it. There are 2 rows of bikes with 4 bikes on the side of the front and 2 bikes on the other side of the front.


Climb Classes
I’ve never worked out on this type of machine before coming to Edge. Think of stair master and elliptical combined and using your arms to pull up your body weight. Classes are 30 minutes. Don’t let the half an hour of work out fool you. It is an intense class! It definitely is a full body work out.


Parking is a pain. Come early for evening classes because it’s extremely difficult to find parking when people are doing their grocery shopping at Safeway and going to dinner after work. There is valet in front of Zocalo.


I started coming here since a lot of my favorite spin instructors went over to this new studio and I’ve really fallen in love with this studio. The staff and instructors are friendly. They even remember my name. Way to make me feel like a regular!

– Ericka C. – Sacramento, CA

I’m beyond impressed with this studio! I’ve always loved going to spin classes but unfortunately there weren’t any studios remotely close to me…until now! I took Sophie’s Power Hour on Sunday and I enjoyed it so much! The class was very challenging but every time that I thought of giving up she would motivate me to keep going. At the end of the class I burned a whopping 742 calories! No one likes to workout (or maybe you do) but this class was so much fun that I forgot I was working out. I’ll continue attending Sunday’s Power Hour as long as Sophie is there. If you get the chance you should def check it out!:


Updated 10/1/2018:

I’ve been coming to this studio for a few months now and I’m still blown away by how good of a damn workout I get! I’ve recently started taking Jenn’s spin classes and I never find myself bored in there. It’s a constant push to get through the workout but not in a bad way. I feel accomplished and ready to take on the damn world after 45 mins! I also like that she’s extremely motivational and will say things to help me ease and relax after my stressful workday.



If you’re in the area I would def make sure to check out her classes. I’ll see ya there 😉