All smiles in studio but a powerhouse on the podium! Jordan is a Sactown native but loves weekend trips down to the bay. Her cheer, gymnastics, and dance career is what formed her inspiration to align movement with music. Her energy is magnetic and will leave you always wanting more. It’s like they always say blondes have more fun!

Why do you ride and climb?
When I step onto that Power Tower or clip into my bike, a new form a freedom takes over! It has helped me learn to push and challenge my mind and body. Pushing through the challenge makes me feel stronger than ever and I get to let loose and have fun while doing it!

Do you have kids or pets?
I have two dogs, Marley and Mimi, and one cat, Lily. I rescued my cat when she was one week old and she has been my little baby ever since! Mimi is a miniature pi

What type of music can we expect to hear in your class?
I love all different kinds! Some of my favorite artists to listen to right now are Khlaid and Travis Scott. I am always browsing around Spotify and Souncloud to find the best beats, so if you ever have a request just let me know!

What’s your favorite move on the bike and/or Power Tower?
Sprinting long range on the Power Tower makes me feel power like I never have before! It’s the fastest way to get breathless while still building muscle. On the bike I love taking a steady push to a breathless feeling with tempo songs!

Do you have a pre/post-class ritual?
My pre-class ritual involves me jamming out to the best hits in my car!
Post-class ritual involves me socializing in the lobby then I usually hit up Whole Foods for a protein shake! YUM

What is your favorite thing to eat before or after class?
A banana before class is the perfect light and energizing snack. Post class a Whole Foods protein shake is the way to go!